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Types of Services we offer


Ceiling fan Installations

Recessed lighting

Low Voltage lighting

Exterior Flood lights

Wall packs

Emergency lighting

Fluorescent light repair

Ballast replacements

3 way Switch repair

New Switches

Speed control switches


Historic home repairs

Work with Knob and Tube

Fuse panel replacements

Adding floor receptacles

New Baseboard receptacles


Smoke Detector Installations 


Meter Socket repairs

Service Upgrades

   100 Amps

   200 Amps

   400 Amps

Servcie Panel replacements

Main Breaker replacements

Bad Breaker replacements




Trailer Installations

New Service

Service Inspections



Whole house Generators

Automatic Transfer Switches

Portable Generator Setups

Swimming pool motors

Whirlpool tubs

Hot tubs 


TV jacks

Phone jacks


Baseboard Heaters



Dryer hookups

Range receptacles

Aluminum to Copper



New Homes - Old Homes - Log Cabins - Trailers - Modular Homes

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