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With the ever increasing occurence of strong storms in both the summer and the winter, the need for back up power is always increasing. Did you know that 52% of power outages are caused by Strong Storms, and another 22% are caused by Snow and Ice Storms. If you have ever been with out power for any length of time you will know what a major inconvience it can be, maybe even life threatening for some. A Generator system can eliminate your worries, automatic generator systems, turn on automaticly when your power goes out, making sure your loss of power is momentary at best. If you do not have the money for a fully automatic system, then you can look into a portable generator that can be tied into your homes electric, allowing you to have limited power for your most important needs.

How does it work?

When the power from your utility is interrupted, the generator's automatic transfer switch senses the loss of power, automatically turns on your generator, and switches your home from utility power to generator power in just a matter of moments. If you have a portable generator setup, then you must start your portable generator, usally by hand, then plug in the cord from the generator to your system and then throw the manual switches to engage the generator to your home system.

What Size Generator Do You Need?

The size of generator you may need will be based on what load you want to feed, meaning what do you want to repower when the power goes off, do you want everything to work, or do you just require some simple lighting and heat? The more devices you want to power , the bigger the generator you will need to have. Todays Generators can be designed to shed high demand appliances until, their use can be allowed due to lessened demand on the generator from the rest of the home allowing for a smaller generator to be installed. They can also be linked to your mobile phone allowing you to exactly the state of your generator, if its running, if it is operating properly, you can even schedule when the unit runs.


If your interested in a New Generator, give us a call and we can size the perfect generator for you.



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